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Mazatapec Mexican Cubensis

Mazatapec Cubensis


Origin: Mexico
Onset Time: 45 min
Duration: 4 hours
Recomended Starting Dose: Take 0.50 g and wait 1 hours
Strength Meter:

About Mexican Cubensis

Thousands of years ago the Aztecs used Cubensis in their rituals to contact spirits, celestial entities and there higher self. In combination with many natural herbs around them the Aztecs would also drink Theobroma Cacao tea to enhance their spiritual journey.

Mexican Cubensis Effects

Our Mazatapec is an oath to those rituals. Consuming these Magic Mushrooms will hit you fast and hit you hard.

Once in peak you can expect an extended period of body vibrations with minimal waves. The come down is as rapid as the come-up snapping you back into reality quite noticeably.

The after effects are uplifting spirits, heightened awareness and sense of well being. Some found the after effects to be very introspective.

The Mazatapec Mushrooms should be handled with care and ensure you're in a proper setting. Consider putting some time aside or consume these on a day with not much planned.

How To Dose

Cambodian Cubensis is a strain that is packed with Psilocybin, and for those who are new to Magic Mushrooms you need to tread lightly. 

Below is a general guideline:

< .25 grams (g) for a microdose
.25 - 1g is a common threshold for light dose
1 - 2.5g is considered a medium dose (common recreational amounts)
2.5 - 5g for a strong dose
5g + is considered a heavy dose (spiritual connection)

Mazatapec Mexican Cubensis