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blue meanies

Blue Meanie

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2 hours

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Blue Meanie Effects

The Effects of Blue Meanie can vary depending on the dosage the the individual. In some cases, magic mushrooms can induce spiritual experiences and heightened states of consciousness. While others report experiencing visual or auditory hallucinations.

Therefore, when Blue Meanie binds to serotonin receptors, it affects how information flows between different brain regions.

This results in changes in consciousness and perception depending on the person’s mindset, expectations, and environment.

How To Dose

Blue Meanie is a strain that is packed with Psilocybin, and for those who are new to Magic Mushrooms you need to tread lightly.

Below is a general guide to consuming magic mushrooms

  • < .25 grams (g) for a microdose
  • .25 - 1g is a common threshold for light dose
  • 1 - 2.5g is considered a medium dose (common recreational amounts)
  • 2.5 - 5g for a strong dose
  • 5g + is considered a heavy dose (spiritual connection)
More Info

What Are Blue Meanies?

Many species of fungi contain tryptamine alkaloids - and one of them is Copelandia Cyanescens. This mind-altering/expanding or psychoactive mushroom seems to originally originate from Asia, but because this strain is mostly found and consumed on Hawaii, it is known as "The Hawaiian".

More than 180 species of fungi are acknowledged as containing the tryptamine alkaloids Psilocybin>and/or Psilocin. All those species are Agaricales (gilled mushrooms) and include the genera Agrocybe, Galerina and Mycena (one species each), Conocybe (4 species), Inocybe (6 species), Hypholoma (6 species), Pluteus (6 species), Panaeolus (7 species), Copelandia (12 species), Gymnopilus (13 species) and Psilocybe (117 species).

The majority of the Psilocybe species are found in the humid, subtropical forests of New Guinea and Mexico. The most neurotropic fungi can be found in Mexico: 76 species. 44 of those species belong to Psilocybe - and those are constituting 39% of all Psilocybe species of the world. Magic mushrooms have a long record of use in Mexico and are the most commonly and widely available and most popular natural psychedelic today.


Historical reports about the mind-altering and -expanding effects of Psilocybin are described as a visit to the spiritual world. While the hallucinogenic effects are comparable to LSD, is Psilocybin 200 times less powerful and the trip is significantly shorter. Typical bodily reactions are enlarged pupils, relaxed muscles and a cold feeling of the limbs and abdomen.

Stronger doses of magic mushrooms lead to "bent" time and space, visionary deep thoughts (total understanding of "how the whole universe works"), greatly increased creativity and of course, hallucinations. Psychonauts with prior experience with Psilocybin are often more prone to the effects and more easily "disconnect" from the daily reality - and cope much better with the newly acquired state of consciousness.

Where this trip takes one to, greatly depends on the traveler and her/his mood and state of mind. So, your experience will (always!) be 100% unique - no matter how many stories you'll hear or read about a trip, none will describe your personal visit to the "other, visionary world".

Copelandia Cyancescens is much stronger than any Cubensis mushroom variety and induces a more visual trip with vivid and "tropical" colors. The effects on a medium dose last for about 4-6 hours and then wear off gradually until they disappear completely. 

It taste like Almonds! Crazy stuff.

Reviewed by: rcardo

I'm new to shrooms and it took me a bit to actually take the plung. But when I started I took a big dose. Since this was my 2nd time trying it I didnt think much of it.

I  took some wait an hour and decide to doing an ab workout. Thats when it hit me i couldnt sit still I went to the bathroom and saw armageddon in my eyes. I didnt want to look high in front of my mom so race out the house and went to a friends house during my walk everything was a cartoon and i felt like animation. Good thing I had a friend with more experience than me and was a good friend. This stuff is stronger than the one I first took and next time i wont do as much.

Reviewed by: stein

didnt need much to feel effects good stuff

Reviewed by: bobby

Shipping took about 3 days to get to Alberta

Reviewed by: ygsurpreme