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The Quick Guide to Cambodian Cubensis, the Angkor Temple's Magic Mushroom

The Cambodian is a psilocybe cubensis strain found in the region of the Angkor Temple, in Cambodia.


Psilocybe cubensis


Above Average - For a cubensis, the Cambodian is known to be very potent.


Its effect is generally quite potent, generating slight visual alteration alongside an increase in creative impulses. If you’re looking for a type of fungi that can help you get your work done and maybe express yourselft, this might be the right strain for you.


A great species from South East Asia, the Cambodian spores were discovered at the well-known Angkor Wat temple, by the famous authority on hallucinogenic mushrooms, John Allen, on one of his trips to Cambodia.

John Allen is the original source for well over a dozen strains that are now considered staples in the psychedelic mushroom scene. “Mushroom John Allen” is a renowned author, ethnomycologist, and artist who spent the better half of his life travelling around the world in search of new species of fungi.


Classification: Hallucinogenic 

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy 

Substrates: Equine dung and Enriched soils 

Temperature: Subtropical Strain

Origin: Cambodia; Mexico; South America