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Here Is What You Need To Know Before You Take Magic Mushrooms

The Collective Voice on June 13, 2023

There are thousands of fungi varieties out there—poisonous and precious, medicinal and magical. Those that feature psychedelic properties are often called magic mushrooms or shrooms, and usually contain the psychedelic substance psilocybin. What we know so far is that there are more than 180 types of magic mushrooms, and at least 60 of those are within the Psilocybe genus.

How do you actually take magic mushrooms?

A typical dose, for the more experienced, is about 3.5 grams, also known as "an eighth". That said, it's possible to feel the psychoactive effects of psilocybin with as little as a third of a gram (0.3g)

A standard microdose is roughly about a quarter gram, while a standard macrodose also known as a "heroic/hero dose"—begins at about five grams. 

Some beginners like to start with something between a microdose and a gram to get a feel for the psychedelic experience, while others choose to go straight in with a heroic dose in order to truly understand what it means to trip.

How long will the trip last and what will happen?

Depending on the person and potency, a typical mushroom trip can last between three to eight hours. Again there are many variables in this matter and depending on the person's tolerance, size, metabolism, and setting all play a factor. 

What’ll happen? Every trip is radically different and comes down the individual state of mind. However, during the experience, you may feel a range of emotions, in waves or even all at once. Tripping can be blissful or terrifying, euphoric or paranoid, energetic or calm.

Visual and auditory hallucinations are common, so don't be alarmed as it can ruin what would potentially be a decent trip. 

It's also possible to feel a variety of bodily sensations (heaviness, lightness, tingling, and especially nausea at the beginning of the trip). 

Some even undergo what's known as "ego death"—a process whereby activity is diminished in the brain's default mode network. During this, you might feel an incredible sense of empathy, and a deep connection to nature or the universe. 

It is best to have a guide sit trip with you, as an ego death can sometimes feel incredibly disorienting and alarming.

The most key thing during a trip is to overcome your fear, surrender to the experience, and welcome whatever comes up as an opportunity to grow, learn, and heal. 

Many have used the term to "stay behind the medicine"; in other words, don't try to control the experience but let the shrooms take you need to be.