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Is DMT The Ultimate Psychedelic?

The Collective Voice on April 24, 2023

What is DMT?

From Tepezcohuitle tree posts to being within our own brains. DMT also known as N, N-dimethyltryptamine is one of the most potent and some may argue the most potent psychedelic around. Known as a hallucinogenic tryptamine drug, DMT naturally occurs in many plant species and animals some may even refer to it as the spirit molecule due to it's connections to spirits and the supernaturals.

What does it feel like?

Remember not everyone's experience will be the same.

First and foremost is setting, ensure that you are in a good setting and remember, for this endeavor you need really good lungs. Take the starting 2 hits, you will feel  "peculiar" almost like a warmth flowing through your body. Your next hit should fall into relaxation with your eyes closed. The colours will shift and form a vibrant floral mandala.

vibrant floral mandala

Many when starting out are comfortable within this phase. It can last for about 10 minutes before settling back into reality. However, if you take a few more hits past this phase it will feel like you rapidly propel through the mandala - and after that your mileage and experience will vary.

What's going on with your brain while you trip

The scientific understanding of DMT is still to be studied however more recent studies on the function of endogenous neurotransmitters have shown DMT is occurring mostly in the brain and can be seen as something that regulates our current reality. The hallmark of DMT is that "it's realer than real" as the quote would say. This is counter to common perceptions that DMT occurs more in the gut or lungs, which draws it's comparisons from holotropic breathing. 

art installation of a lung

How Long Does DMT Last?

The high doesn't last long many have found 15 minutes to be the total duration. However the trip may feel as if it lasted for hours. Remember there are many factors that determine the duration ranging from your environment to dosage and tolerance levels. Every experience is unique and every journey is self rewarding.