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The Common Questions Surrounding Magic Mushrooms

The Collective Voice on July 4, 2023

How long do shrooms take to kick in?

How long it will take for you to start feeling the effects of magic mushrooms depends primarily on how they are ingested and your body composition. We have to make a lot of assumption in regards to body size - which are many. Therefore we'll go along the lines of ranges and general rules of thumb to make these consensous. 

But if one were to eat the mushroom as a whole mushroom you can expect the onset to be anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Some strain can take even an hour before you feel the effects so be patient before you over do it. 

If the mushrooms are grounded into a fine powder and mixed with lemon juice or made into tea, the onset can be much faster think roughly 5-10 minutes. Gummies and chocolates tend to come on in about 15-30 minutes but can also be affected by it's sugar content.

How long does a shroom trip last?

How long your magic mushroom trip is going to last will depend primarily on the following factors:

How much did you take?

You should be able to quantify this in the weight of the dried product for consistent measuring. Any kitchen scale will do.

What kind of shroom did you take?

There are many shrooms for you to take. You can read details about all the different kinds of shrooms in our shroom shop. However, you are a beginner a strain like Golden Teachers or Cambodian Gold would be a good starting point.  Keep in mind, that some magic mushrooms tend to last longer than others.

How were they taken?

As a general rule of thumb, whole shrooms will last a little longer but produce a more mellow trip, and teas/chocolates/gummies tend to be more intense, but shorter in duration.

Who’s taking them?

A number of factors matter here: height, weight, age and all play a role. People who have consumed psilocybin recently will also exhibit higher tolerance to subsequent doses. There are also certain pre-existing medical conditions that can affect the overall duration of the trip.

Did you consume any other  substance?

It can be hard enough to estimate what psilocybin will do and how it will last in any given individual however, adding other psychoactive drugs can have unpredictable effects on the overall experience.

How is your energy? Are you at peaceful?

The kind of energy that you surround yourself with and take in while you’re tripping will affect a number of things, including the duration of the trip. In general, you should budget about 4-8 hours for the trip to completely end, including any sort of “afterglow.” An afterglow experience includes a sense of interconnectedness with other humans, nature and our planet this pairs well with overall mood enhancements. Feelings of mellowness and interconnectedness are quite common with psilocybin.

A typical psychedelic peak will be around 1-2 hours in, and will fade from there. Many people do experience what is known as "waves". It is common to experience waves so if you think you feel yourself coming down, don’t be caught off guard and feel as if your getting high again - that's waves. Just relax and understand it's just a speed bump on the ride.